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Capt Bryan Edwards, Kirk, & Shelly the Chum Master-Funny Video!!

Kirk and Shelly Lewellen

Capt Bryan Edwards and Team Reel Krazy Dominate the Greater Wilmington Open with a 46.74!

Reel Krazy Dominates the Greater Wilmington Open with  a 46.74!
By: Barrett McMullan

This team has sure got a reason to smile: Captain Bryan Edwards, Mike Glover and Top Lady Angler Joan Myers on the Kellogg’s boat Reel Krazy with the 46.74 that won it all at Wilmington.
   Tournament morning of the 2005 Greater Wilmington King Mackerel Tournament brought end of the world type weather. Fishermen were greeted with steady rain, lightning, and waterspouts as they try to make their way through catching bait and getting to the fishing holes. I’d like to tell a story about a team who awoke at 4:00 am and braved the conditions in a 21’ boat overcoming Mother Nature by catching the winner, but this isn’t exactly how it happened this time. This year’s Greater Wilmington champion did not have to work harder to win, just smarter.
   Captain Bryan Edwards, Mike Glover and Joan Meyers are owners of Carolina Boat and Yacht Sales in North Myrtle Beach, SC. They sell Sea Chaser and Wellcraft fishing boats and on the side they have been known to fish a Kingfish tournament or two. Their boat, the Reel Krazy, maybe a little more familiar to most as the Kellogg’s sponsored 35’ Wellcraft. As Wellcraft dealers, the Reel Krazy team is constantly switching boats as theirs is sold. The newest Reel Krazy is the brand new 2006 Tournament Edition 35’ triple powered Wellcraft, the third of its kind. Just one day before the Wilmington tournament, this boat arrived on Carolina Boat and Yacht sales floor. On the day of arrival, Bryan, Mike, and CB&Y mechanics/pit crew Bobby Lovingood and Sean Raynor spent the entire day rigging the boat and trying to get it ready for the next day’s tournament. By Friday evening the boat was far from complete, but the decision was made to go ahead with the tournament and they would make do.
   On tournament morning the Reel Krazy team packed up the boat on the trailer and headed north to Southport’s Wildlife boat ramp where they had planned to put in before heading to Carolina Beach inlet. Upon arrival at the ramp, it only took a simple window lowering to convince the team they had better wait the weather out for a while. So, while much of the rest of the tournament was out getting rained on and dodging lightning bolts, Bryan, Mike and Joan were having a nice warm cup of coffee at the local McDonald’s.
By 8:00 am the weather had subsided enough that the decision was made to go ahead and drop the boat in and go catch the winner. At this point in the morning it was known there were plenty of pogies in the Cape Fear River, so on their way to Carolina Beach Inlet the team stopped and netted enough for a short day. At 9:00 am the lines hit the water on the tide line at the inlet with five other boats already fishing. Amidst a light rain, just as the baits were all in the correct position, it happened. At 9:45 am a single pogy in the prop wash met its maker. A quick 100 yards screamed off the reel as the fish on the other end made a strange move heading in towards the beach. Mike was on the rod, Joan was cleaning the deck and Bryan was on the wheel chasing down the fish. Once on top of the fish, she figured out the game and didn’t like what was happening. She took off for another 100 yards this time back offshore. This sequence took place one more time before finally the up and down battle began. By this time the weather had really picked up again as lightning rained down all around while they were fighting the fish. Finally, 30 feet from the boat the monster fish rolled up. She made one pass by the bow and Bryan nailed her with the gaff. It was at this time the crew realized how big the fish was. Bryan attempted to pull the fish over the rail, but was unsuccessful. Mike threw the rod to Joan and grabbed the gaff with Bryan and with one motion brought the slob over the side and on the deck. The thrill of catching a smoker kingfish on tournament day under these conditions was summed up best by Joan when she said a few days after the win, “now I understand what it’s all about.” The 46.74-pound stud kingfish would be more than enough to hold off all challengers and take home the first prize of $26,000. Just think, if they gotten drive-through instead of sit-down coffee, they might not have been in the right place at the right time.

Greater Wilmington Open Final Standings

1. Reel Krazy/Kellogg’s………46.74
Capt. Bryan Edwards
Mike Glover
Joan Myers

2. Reel Time…………………...40.44
Craig Hughes
           Charlie Hughes

             3. Trick Z………………………40.12
Jeff York
Lynn Fox
Thad Harris
Kevin Petty

             4. Gone Again………………….38.52
Daniel Mason
Andy Smeltzer

            5. My Hooker…………………38.22
Grady Gordon
Al Davis
Kyle Hughes